Our Story

About Us

We launched H2ForLife because we wanted to help people. Our founder, a scientist ranked as one of the worlds 27 Bravest Thinkers, developed the product to help a family member who was battling cancer. Family members and others who tried our hydrogen water found that it quickly reduced the markers of oxidative stress, enhanced immunity and mental clarity, and supported physical recovery. From there, we started offering H2ForLife to local retailers.

In late 2014, we started building a top of the line production facility. It is now able to handle large orders from retail stores and to support our growing base of customers.

What Exactly is H2ForLife?

H2ForLife is a health and wellness spring water water that promotes overall wellness by rejuvenating your body’s cells and enhancing their functions. This nourishing supplemental drink begins with pure mountain spring water free of chlorine, fluoride, chromium 6, MTBE, and BPA, is enhanced with colloidal gold plus platinum, then finished off with infused molecular hydrogen. The end result is a premium spring water refreshment for consumers and athletes who desire increased overall wellness, improved cognitive function and mental clarity, accelerated physical recovery, oxidative stress relief, alleviation of pain due to inflammation, and great energy!

Why is our Hydrogen Spring Water so Amazing?

What's Inside...

H2ForLife contains dissolved hydrogen and trace amounts of colloidal gold and platinum. Our dietary supplement is proven to quickly remove harmful free radicals from the body.* It contains no fluoride or chlorine; only the natural taste of pure spring water sourced from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia.


Drinking 3 cans per day has shown the support of the following:

- reduces markers of oxidative stress levels in the body,

- customers report improved focus,

- support of lower pain levels,

- overall improved quality of life.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.