H2ForLife-An enlivening component to a healthy lifestyle

We are a health oriented, socially conscious team producing a quality hydrogen rich water supplement since 2013. Hydrogen water quickly reduces damaging oxidative stress to support immunity, recovery and mental clarity.

We are located in Blue Ridge, Georgia and have been in business since July 2013. We started out producing our formula for a family member battling cancer.  With a turn around in health and quality of life for most of us drinking H2ForLife, we began to cater to small, and local requests. In late 2014, we started building a top of the line production facility, now able to handle large orders from retail stores as well as supporting our growing base of customers. 

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 Visit us at H2ForLife.com for more details on our products and visit http://www.whyhydrogen.info to get the most current scientific research on this wonderful product.